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We aim to empower LBTQ+ women to embrace their identities, connect with each other, and achieve their full potential.

More than just a website, LBTQWomen is your home away from home. We’re a welcoming community created to empower, connect, and celebrate everything about being an LBTQ+ woman.


We welcome all LBTQ+ women, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, age, or ability.


We foster a respectful and supportive environment where everyone feels safe to be themselves.


We believe in the power of connection and celebrate the diverse experiences of our members.


We provide resources and opportunities to help LBTQ+ women reach their full potential.

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LBTQWomen’s OUTDirectory is your one-stop shop to:

  • Network with professionals and entrepreneurs in various fields.
  • Discover talented artists, creators, and changemakers.
  • Find mentors and role models who inspire you.
  • Build meaningful connections and friendships.
  • Join forces to create positive change in the LBTQ+ community.
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Support Businesses that Empower!
Get ready to celebrate and support the incredible businesses owned and operated by LBTQ+ women! The OUTCompanies Directory will soon connect you with:
  • Fashion brands that reflect your values.
  • Tech startups led by innovative LBTQ+ women entrepreneurs.
  • Local businesses that prioritise diversity and inclusion.
  • And so much more!
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