LBTQWomen is a dynamic network created to inspire, inform and celebrate the success of lesbian and bisexual women.


Our core aims are to:

  • Increase the visibility of LBTQWomen at work and in society
  • Help LBTQWomen to be more confident about who they are, about coming out and to encourage them to regard being lesbian/bisexual as a positive differentiator
  • Actively encourage LBTQWomen to reach their potential, strive for success, be authentic and valued accordingly  


As a not-for-profit organisation, we are primarily an online platform and community created to empower our members and provide support / information by providing:

  • Inspirational stories about the achievements of professional women
  • A thriving online cross-sector community covering cross-sector issues and topics from the private and public sectors and including education, sports and the Arts
  • Through membership of our OUTDirectory, a support for LBTQWomen through their coming out process 
  • A dynamic mentoring scheme
  • A professional resource for individual career development, information exchange and support
  • Sector-specific initiatives to add value, such as webinars, blogs and the dissemination of other content to inform and inspire our community.


We also run value added events and partner with individuals, groups and organisations on initiatives where they support the build-out and strengthening of our community of lesbian and bisexual women.