Black Lives Matter


Article by: Chloë Davies

Search online for resource lists, read literature, share and speak between yourselves and keep sharing, follow the #BLM #blacklivesmatter threads.

DONATE!!! And then donate again!!! Follow Black voices and in particular Black LGBTQ+ voices.

Please remember that Black people are emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted right now, we are triggered constantly by the resharing of Black violence and trauma without caution warnings so BEFORE you step into a Black person’s online space, be respectful of their space.

Don’t tag people to your posts without seeking permission.

Please don’t send messages asking Black people to help you to not be racist or to use as an opportunity to share your “guilt” we do not have the capacity for this.

If you do not receive a response to a message, don’t take it personally and keep doing the work.

If you invite Black people to participate in your panels or events, please ensure you pay them for their time and be proactive in saying this in your first communication. Being present for them means sharing trauma at an extremely difficult time and that should not come for free.

We are all uncomfortable right now, Black people however live in being uncomfortable every single day.




The voices of our allies have never been more needed than now, don’t stay silent.



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