Rolling With The Punches

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Interview with Zoe Puckering “No one is too tough to talk,” said Zoe Puckering, opening up about her successful battle with depression. “Just because you are a woman, doesn’t mean that you will naturally disclose to people how you feel. That’s just not true.” Zoe is 29 now and grew up in West Yorkshire, in […]

Q&A with Jacquie Lawrence

Q&A with Jacquie Lawrence

Jacquie Lawrence is the Former Commissioning Editor at Chanel 4 and Sky One, BAFTA Award winner as producer of Ross Kemp—Kemp on Gangs, author of “Difference for Girls, Same but Different” and others, and proud mother of two

Q&A with Amber Hikes

Our Hot Spot this month is the extraordinary activist, Amber Hikes. Many of you will be familiar with her, either from her speech at our House of Commons party last year, or her creation, the More Pride More Colour rainbow flag.

Q&A with Monica Boll

Q&A with Monica Boll

Monica is a Managing Director at Accenture and serves as the global sponsor for the firm’s Pride network. She is an active member of the Human Rights Campaign and volunteers with several LGBT+ non-profits.

Q&A with Antonia Belcher

Q&A with Antonia Belcher

Antonia Belcher is a founding partner of Building Consultancy, MHBC, and has over 40 years of experience in the construction and property sector. Since her transition in 2000, she has been dedicated to the promotion of diversity in the workplace and is a driving force and champion for LGBTQ issues.

Q&A with Erin Uritus

What has been the highlight of your career? I am very fortunate to have had a number of jobs that have given me opportunities to work for big, positive change in the world. Living and working in West Africa as my first job out of University, helping women’s journalists and supporting press freedom was phenomenal. […]

Karma Chameleon

There is a delicious irony that the title of the one Culture Club song I actively dislike is so apt for my first ever blog for LBWomen.
But perfect it is for this tale of two parts, starting with the professional stuff.

Where’s Wendy?

We have so many beautiful women in our community full of diverse talents, backgrounds and experiences with stories to tell and connections to be made. What is the most difficult part of experiencing this nirvana filled with these majestical ladies? It’s finding them! They are here in our day to day lives but it can […]

The trouble with women on boards

Since 2010, when the Lord Davis report said that the lack of female faces on boards was simply not good enough, we have since seen FTSE companies scrambling to find top female talent to make up their numbers.

The Davies report was a great starting point, don’t get me wrong, it said we need to achieve 25% women at board level for our FTSE 100 companies within five years, and it achieved that.