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Serving queer travel culture and nightlife

A platform for queer things to do. Witness joy, self-expression, and creativity through unique experiences and events.


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Celebrate queer culture through nightlife and travel. Designed to support LGBTQI+ communities, uplift queer BIPOC and marginalised voices.

what we do

Moonlight Experiences is an award-winning experiences and events organization dedicated to the celebration of diverse queer culture and belonging through tourism & nightlife. We are a platform for unique queer things to do to reshape how we navigate travel and community as LGBTQ+ individuals or as allies. Located in cities in Europe, Africa and USA.

Knowledge is power, our bespoke experiences have been intentionally designed within an intersectional framework to help create proud moments along the way to have fun, educate, shape, and define who you are.

We exist to build better communities as we help to uplift queer women, non-binary, and Black/POC members through harnessing the economic power of tourism & nightlife to tackle the lack of diversity. Moonlight Experiences is run by founder Aisha Shaibu-Lenoir along with a collective of friendly activists, change-makers, and creatives from around the world who are passionate about queer culture and integrating communities.

We are only strangers because we haven’t met yet.

uplift marginalised voices

Pride isn’t just a month for us, it’s a way of life! Moonlight Experiences is queering the future and changing the perception of queer culture through storytelling, events & experiences to showcase the diversity of our community whilst we travel or at home. Narratives of our community are often told through a cis-gender white lens and this needs to change, that’s why our queer hosts provide insights into the range of diversity that exists in our community.

The queer culture was born out of nightlife, it shapes our identity, connects us in so many ways and it has the power to create a sustainable impact and difference when we unite. We believe as a queer community or as allies we can do more to support each other and empower our communities wherever we are.

We collaborate with LGBTQ+ organizations, event producers, and venues to deliver the finest experience. By joining one of our experiences you will be amplifying marginalized creatives and supporting LGBTQI+ venues, which are in decline. Queer spaces are safe havens and play a crucial role in our community. Be part of the change whilst having a blast along the way.

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