Sanura Dance


About Us

Sanura Dance is a vibrant and inclusive dancing space dedicated to promoting diversity, empowerment, and joy through dance. Founded in March 2023, Sanura Dance offers a unique blend of salsa and bachata courses and workshops, marketed as queer dancing workshops. Our workshops are designed to be accessible to all, with formats including 8-hour courses divided over four weeks or weekend workshops of 3-hour sessions.

At Sanura Dance, everyone learns to lead and follow, empowering individuals to express themselves freely on the dance floor. We believe in breaking gender norms and fostering a supportive environment where LGBTQ+ individuals can dance without fear of judgment or discrimination.

After each session, participants are invited to continue the camaraderie at the local pub for a drink, strengthening the sense of community both on and off the dance floor.

Join us at Sanura Dance and experience the transformative power of dance in a welcoming and inclusive space where diversity is celebrated and embraced.

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