The Power Of Flour


About Us

The Power of Flour is an artisanal bakery nestled in the charming Surrey village of Bagshot, bringing a touch of culinary magic to the local community. Founded by Harriet Mitchell, a passionate baker with an impressive culinary pedigree, this independent bakery is on a mission to elevate the art of baking.

Using organic flour and time-honoured slow fermentation methods, The Power of Flour crafts exquisite breads and pastries that are a cut above the rest. Their dedicated team works through the night, ensuring that fresh, aromatic baked goods are ready to greet customers each morning at the Village Cafe in Bagshot.

Harriet’s journey from apprentice at an Organic Farm in Devon to Chef de Partie at the prestigious five-star Pennyhill Park Hotel & Spa has honed her skills and fueled her passion for creating exceptional baked goods. Her experience working alongside Michelin-starred chefs has infused her creations with a touch of culinary excellence.

Beyond serving the local community, The Power of Flour extends its reach through wholesale services, delivering their artisanal creations to cafes, hotels, and businesses in the surrounding area. Whether you’re a bread enthusiast, pastry lover, or a business owner seeking top-quality baked goods, The Power of Flour is ready to satisfy your cravings and elevate your culinary offerings.

Step into the Village Cafe, breathe in the irresistible aroma of freshly baked goods, and experience the passion and expertise that goes into every loaf and pastry at The Power of Flour. It’s not just a bakery; it’s a celebration of traditional baking methods, organic ingredients, and the joy of sharing delicious, handcrafted treats with the community.

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