April 26th is Lesbian Visibility Day – who knew?! Well, actually relatively few people.

Started in 2008, this day of visibility doesn’t get the same level of press as of some of the other LGBT+ events. It scores a relatively modest 7000 hits in a Google search, and only trended on Twitter for the first time last year.

So why do so few of us know of its existence? And should we even care?

The push for a Lesbian Visibility Day was started in Spain, as part of the community’s activities in response to the position that lesbians were having in society and public spaces. Since its incarnation lesbians have become more prominent than ever, taking an increasing number of roles in public life, politics, the arts and business. 

However, we still aren’t as good as other parts of the LGBT+ family at publicising and promoting ourselves. But even worse, the media isn’t very good at reporting or representing us. Ruth Hunt, CEO of Stonewall, addressed this beautifully as part of Lesbian Visibility Day last year, and you can check out the video here. 

So yes, Lesbian Visibility Day matters. It gives us an equal footing to be proud and represented. It gives people a chance to see the value in our amazing community, and it also gives us a chance to shape our own narrative.

And that was why LBTQWomen was created. Offering a safe and inclusive space to celebrate, connect and champion women who identify as Lesbian (as well as other parts of the community). We don’t just want to represent one part of the lesbian experience, but through our Ambassadors and OUTDirectory, we are better able to participate proudly in the wider conversation.

Being visible continues to help not just your immediate community, but also helps the representation of lesbians around the globe. You boost your visibility by joining our OUTDirectory, by helping the day trend on Twitter, or by just being open and out in your own community.

We have strength in our numbers, and so, if possible be a little more visible this April 26th.


Author: admin